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Book about urban geography is the faculty’s calling card

Book about urban geography is the faculty’s calling card

Urban geographer and university lecturer, Rianne van Melik, is one of the compilers of the book ‘Visies op de stad: van tuindorp tot smart city’('Visions of the city: from garden village to smart city'), in which researchers from the Nijmegen School of Management shed light on various different aspects of the urban environment.

"The city is hip and happening, but there is very little literature in Dutch about urban geography; the majority of the literature comes from the Anglo-Saxon world. That's why I am so proud of this book: it fills a void. In the book we cover international examples, but Dutch ones too: not only New York, but Nijmegen as well.

Besides this we look at the heroes from our field of study. Google Scholar uses the motto ‘Stand on the shoulders of giants’. That made us wonder, whose shoulders are we standing on and how is their legacy carried on today? We asked each author to describe a visionary and to explain why their ideas are still relevant today.

The book is our showpiece. It proves that Nijmegen is extremely active in the field of urban geography. What is more, as different disciplines collaborated to make it - spatial planning, geography, environmental sciences - the book is a good example of the Nijmegen School of Management's interdisciplinary approach."/MvZ

Hospers, G.J., R. van Melik & H. Ernste (2015) (ed.), Visies op de stad: van tuindorp tot smart city. The Hague: Boom Lemma.